Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Color Layout

Now that I've decided what size canvas that I would like to use, the next phase is to just layout the general shapes on the canvas. This is done using a 2H pencil and Terra Rosa oil paint. For any vertical and horizontal lines, I want them to be absolutely accurate. Therefore, I will use my T-Square with a thin pencil line and lay out the lines.

Once the painting is subdivided, I'll use the Terra Rosa oil paint and a thin brush to decide what organic shapes go where and their relative size. Notice that this does not follow my concept sketch exactly. This is the time to do, essentially, what feels right. In the concept sketch, the tree was too small and thin. I decided to make it wider and larger, so that, combined with the red sphere/yellow platform, your eye is immediately drawn to it. I also widened the water area to the left to balance the painting more. If it was too thin, then your eye would be too distracted.

Now, that the general shapes/layout have been place, it's time for coloring. Rather than painting detail, I am strictly painting the general mid-value colors that I will be using in each section. I mainly want to see how the colors relate to one another and if, accidentally, the colors take the viewer's eye away from the main focal point (Bonsai Tree).

As I'm reviewing the painting, I notice that I don't like the portion where the platform touches the tree. I also am not sure that I like the large sphere (no color applied, yet) sphere to the far right. Both items seem a bit distracting. I may shorten the platform and reduce the size of the sphere. A lot of it depends on what I plan to do with the blue sky. I think that white puffy clouds are in order for that section.

The final section of the painting, I'm still mulling over... what to paint the color of the water section. I like the idea of an orangish red sun-down, but not sure.

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