Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lopsided Coffe Cup

Well, since my last still life painting of the jar was not very good, I decided that I really need to work on getting the drawing of oval objects correct. An intriguing oval object that is immediately at hand is the coffee cup on a saucer. Depending on what your angle is, you get a different form of the oval each time.

Well.... this was not good. The nice part of working in pen is that you can't correct your mistakes. At best, you have to figure a way of working them into the drawing. Okay... well, the best thing that I can say about this is that it definitely is a cup on a saucer. There is definitely a three-dimensional aspect to it.

However, the major issue is the ovals. The top of the cup is too rounded. The oval should be flatter. The right side of the cup is too straight, whereas the left side is too rounded. The shape should be the same. The back left of the saucer is too rounded. It should be flatter.

More work to do.

The beauty of working with still life objects in your house is that you can immediately see problems. When doing landscape, you have to worry about perspectives, value control and having too much to deal with. With internal still life, the object is simpler, but, in addition to the perspective and value control, the drawing HAS TO BE RIGHT. It's easier to tell that a cup is wrong as opposed to a tree branch.

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