Friday, October 2, 2009

Reaching: Color Layout

Due to this week's illness, I was unable to actually work on my next large painting for a while. However, last night, I completed the basic color layout/scheme for my mountain scene.

As with my other paintings, I normally include a lot of bright colors for the abstract shapes. In this situation, since there were no abstract shapes near my focal point (the top of the mountain), I had to stay away from the strong colors. So, I went with some basic darker colors to represent the base of the mountain.

Now, that I have the basic color palette down, I'll need to actually start laying in some detail. For this piece, since I want to make sure that the user focuses on the mountain top and not any of the shapes, I will put the most detail at the pinnacle and make it less distinct as it moves away. In addition, I'll need to blend the right sphere with the mountain edge and make the color similar. That way, the eye will focus on the tip of the mountain, work your way down to the sphere and then to the base/shapes and back up the mountain.

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