Sunday, October 25, 2009

Towards the Beach: Basic Color Pattern

This weekend, I started to work on the color layout of Towards the Beach. For this painting, I wanted to match the colors of the mountains, water and beach as closely as possible to a photograph reference that I'm working from. As usual, I first laid down the basic color pattern and, from there, started working out some of the abstract shape colors.

The abstract shape colors help define the direction and feel of the painting. In this case, I wanted the user to immediately focus on the red band and, by having it move into the distance towards the beach, the eyes will go towards the beach. From there, the hope is that the user will follow along the mountain path, then to the waves on the water and then back to the red path.

So far, so good. I'm about halfway done with this painting. The next steps are to define the trees that are on the beach and connect them to the mountain. I also need to define some of the basic shapes on the mountain better and build up the white foam of the water.

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