Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still Life: Doll

Tonight's still life is one of my wife's dolls. This is a decorative doll that sits idly on our TV (due to the fact that the dogs like to grab it and think that it's a chew toy).

Felt like doing something more realistic and complex tonight, rather than the standard coffee mug. The interesting part of working on this is the creation of the three-dimensional form. The lighting was not strong, so, to my eyes, many parts of the doll was flat. So, the problem becomes to figure out how to create the subtle shadow forms to create a three-dimensional object.

Overall, I like the drawing. It definitely looks like a doll sitting on a box. The shadow under the doll helps place it in the correct plane and the rounded shadows on the edge of the arms help define the form of the arms.

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