Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still Life: Stegasaurus

Now that I'm back from vacation, time to post some of the work that I got done during the week off. I was looking around for something to draw and realized that my nephew had a bunch of nice looking, semi-realistic style dinosaurs that he was playing with. Being a fan of dinosaurs, I thought that they would make some interesting still life studies. Complex enough to draw, but not too hard to get the forms correct.

So, the first of this series of drawings, is the Stegasaurus. This little plastic model was a lot of fun to do. The hardest part of doing the toy was the feet. Since they are made of hard plastic, II had to readjust the drawing a it so that they settled flat on the ground. Another issue is that the modeler (who created the mold for the dinosaur) made some interpretations of the body. Didn't look quite as rounded as it should (too much added detail). So, I went back to the basics of creating some spheres and modeling portions of the body based on the shadowing of the spheres.

In this situation, I decided that I needed some sort of background terrain to place the dinosaur. Over time, these backgrounds will be more complex.

Overall, this was a fun drawing to do.

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