Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Still Life Study: Apple - Day 3

So, yesterday, I was suffering from a migraine headache and spent most of the day laying down/sleeping. I really didn't want to stand at my easel, but decided that, I can still do some work by drawing a pen/ink version of my apple.

In this case, the main issue has been the drawing of my apple. I did not do any justice to this drawing. The shape is more accurate than the paint versions, but the shading was rather difficult. Rather than setting up the apple with the appropriate lighting, I just placed it on my coffee table with lots and lots of ambient light hitting it from all sides. This caused the shadows/highlights to be totally flat.

However, this is a good exercise in just trying to figure out the problems on drawing the apple. I'll have to try it again with my proper still life setup.

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