Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drawing Concepts for next painting

Started working on my latest painting. As a general first step, I like to just sit and doodle. As you can see from the various scribbles, I was playing with various shapes and came across one that I liked. Now, the question is to how to incorporate it.

Drawing 1 was my first interpretation. I could have some sort of shape pointing out areas of the landscape. This led me to think about Drawing 2 (what if the landscape didn't take up the whole image?). Abandoned that idea for right now (may use it later) and played more with Drawing 1 (resulting in Drawing 3). Now, things are starting to take shape.

Drawing 4 is a more finished version of my general shape. The concept would be that the entire painting would be in a monochrome color with a silver/metallic looking device interacting with the painting (It would need to throw a shadow on the painting to make it stand out from the landscape. Wherever the "device" touches the painting, there is an area of color.

Drawing's 5 and 6 play a little more with this concept to work out different variations of it. Drawing 5 explores more tendrils, but no body and Drawing 6 explores no machine... just a painting with areas of colors.

Overall, not sure which one that I should go with. However, that's the fun of painting.

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