Monday, May 16, 2011

Lilac Festival

Ahhh... painting outdoors. It's fun. It really is. Some days, it's more fun than others. Yesterday, it was fun... but, cold and rainy.

So, at the Shelburne Museum (Shelburne, Vermont), I was one of the participants of the Lilac Festival. For those interested, I would be talking about plein-air painting and how I go from the studies to a final studio painting. I could show people my setup, talk about my artwork, pass out some studio information, etc.

The only problem with yesterday was that it was extremely cold and rainy. So, rather than an average attendance of 3000 people, I think that I saw around 20 - 40 people (if that). Instead of painting lilacs, I painted a lot of green trees and started working on a building. Instead of being out in the open air sun, I was underneath a porch (had to keep continuously moving my easel due to the fact that the wind kept blowing the rain farther and farther in under the porch).

Would I go out and paint outdoors again? Absolutely. The only time that I really really don't like painting outdoors is when the mosquitoes and bugs start "bugging" me. No chance of that, yesterday. :-)

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