Sunday, October 16, 2011

CVU High School Fair: 2011

For a one day show for me, this wasn't really that great. Don't know if it was the patrons or the product prices. However, only sold three prints, with the potential to sell more paintings later on (doubt it, though). The crowds were okay. At times, it was pretty busy and it was steady all day. However, watching the crowds, there weren't a lot of people carrying large items or any items at all. For those who had purchased stuff, it looked like the items were fairly small and inexpensive ($5 - $10 items). Seemed a lot of people were there for just looking around. Some of the other vendors that I talked to had a great show. However, they had a lot of smaller priced item.

Most people liked my paintings but felt that they couldn't afford them. More people, though, went directly to the print bin, after reviewing the paintings. I started collecting names for my contact list to send out coupons and notices to the various people who filled out the sign-up form. That worked out well.

According to Melissa, my sales pitch seems to be fine (need to not put my hand in front of my mouth when talking to some people). Also, a lot of people really liked the discussion of the drawing with the print. May have to work that into my display. Also, the display needs to have a visible sign with my name on it. Most people asked for my name. Need to change that up.

The setup went extremely well. Melissa helped with setting up and breaking down of the display. Reduced the time of setup from 2-1/2 hours to 1-1/2 hour and breakdown time went from 1-1/2 hours to under an hour. Plus, the new boxes for transporting the paintings worked out very well. The two boxes were able to fit all of the paintings that are to be on display easily in the truck.As usual, the load-in/break-down was very helpful. Some high school students helped bringing in the supplies and taking out the supplies. It was also helpful that one of the high school students went around to the vendors and took orders to bring them food.

Some of the things that I will need to do for the next show:

1) Create a banner sign with my name on it. Something fairly visible with my website.

2) Create a matted pen/ink drawing for each of my paintings. For a purchase of the painting, you get the pen/ink concept drawing.

3) Possibly work up a little booklet that shows how I go from a pen/ink drawing to a finished painting. Something that people can take with them. Something inexpensive. Need to figure that one out.

Overall, it's a good show for a more "crafty" type vendor, but not for 2D artists.

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