Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend at the Mall

Well, this weekend, I tried my first kiosk at a local mall. Here's what my kiosk looked like.

Overall, it wasn't bad. I did better than I thought. I was able to cover my fee for the weekend and, if things go well, may have sold several paintings in addition. Still, I need to try it about five more times before I can tell if it's worth doing.

The traffic on Saturday afternoon was the busiest. This is where a lot of families were shopping with their kids. Those families were the ones that consistently stopped and bought prints. After 6:00 p.m., the viewing of the art slowed down considerably due to the mall mainly being filled with adolescents and high school kids.

Sunday, the walking traffic was not all that great. Several people mentioned that the mall was pretty slow and empty. Not sure why. May be, since it had finally stopped raining here, people were taking advantage of the nice day.

So, the next time that I am planning to try this will be in January. The sales warranted me to give it another try. November and December are already booked up due to the holiday season.

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