Sunday, February 7, 2010

Drawing Study: Stream

After toning my canvas for my next painting, decided to work on some more drawing skills. At this time, I'm still in the mood of water, but needed to practice on some rocks. So, this drawing is partially based on a photograph that I took when I was in Northern Vermont and part of the drawing is from my head.

From some of the outdoor painting instructions that I learned from Jack Winslow, the rocks are fairly simplistic items with the lightest part being the top, the mid-values being the side and the darkest parts being the shadowed areas out of the sun. The other important lesson that I learned was that the shadow area of the rock is not purely dark. It is actually a mixture of dark-mid-values and dark-dark values. There is always something to see in it.

For me, I personally like jagged rocks. They tend to give me more of a feeling of "rockiness" when I'm drawing in pen/ink.

I like the layout of this drawing and will probably incorporate it into a future painting.

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