Monday, May 17, 2010

Adjustment to Plein Air painting

So, about a month or so ago, I was out painting at a park near Lake Champlain and posted the current painting (8 x 10). In terms of a quick plein-air landscape painting, it was okay, but a number of things bothered me about it. I don't like the values of the trees/bushes/grass and I don't like the large open area to the right. The composition doesn't sing to me.

So, tonight, I decided that, I should revisit the painting and just do a drawing with the value structure and composition that appealed to me. I like the drawing a lot more. In the drawing the tall grass/flowers in the lower right break up the large shape. The light path is will go up the center grass area. This means that the trees need to be toned down a bit. Also, the bushes need to be modelled better with highlights near the top and more of a rounded form. I also need to add more variety to the trees/grass to break up the flat shapes and give it some depth.

The beauty of oil painting is that I can paint over portions of the painting that I do not light and lighten/darken the areas to increase the value. So, this will be on my next list of paintings to do.

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