Monday, May 10, 2010

Concept Sketch: Tree and Odd Sled

Well, I haven't done a concept sketch in a while and decided that it was time to just let the imagination run free. I like the concept sketches. It's a way for your mind to just wander and see what comes up.

As usual, I like to start with some sort of geometric shape and see how the landscapes flows out of it. In this case, I worked with a standard design: overlapping spheres. I added more textural detail to it to give the abstract shape some depth and volume.

Once I had the basic "sled"/abstract shape design, it seemed natural to provide a tree and the background mountains. These items seem to be a staple for me and I really should try to branch out into a different design. For right now, I like the look of the drawing. I'll decide, later on, if it's worthy of being painted.

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