Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plein Air: Trees on my street

Now that my plein air workshop is over and I'm rested up, time to actually get some work done! Since the newest painting that I'm working on has trees, time to get some more study of trees done.

Rather than travel to different locations, there's no reason why I need to go anywhere. The street that I live on has plenty of trees to study.

So, tried to remember some of the basics: Don't chase the light, trees go greyer/bluer as they recede in the distance, separate the masses into light and dark, and the darker/colors are stronger as they come towards you.

This was okay... still need to work on the massing. However, it does look like a grouping of tress in the mid-ground. The main issue that I had was that I laid down too much paint. I had to scrape off quite a bit of the dark paint due to the fact that I couldn't lay down the correct value.

Next time, I'll need to remember that I have to match the color on my brush to the landscape before trying to put the paint on the canvas.

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