Friday, October 29, 2010

Breaking into Business: Elevator Speech

One of the exercises that we performed in the "Breaking into Business" workshop was the elevator speech. The premise of this is that, if you are introduced to someone in the elevator, what would you say about your artwork/business? Remember that you have a short period of time. We came up with about a quick 100 word description that talked about our business mission, goals, objectives, and what products/services that we provide.

Mine was:

"Hi, I'm Doug Hoppes. I'm a local oil painter. I primarily create and sell colorful landscape paintings of Vermont and also provide prints of my original paintings. If you would like to see some of my artwork, you can visit my booth at the Barre Craft Show on Thanksgiving weekend or go to my Facebook fan page (handing them a card)".

In this brief discussion, I mentioned who I am and what I do (interesting hook: local artist painting colorful landscapes of Vermont). I also gave them a way to see my work at my next show or online. By handing them my business card, this gives them a chance to look me up.

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