Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still Life: Bobber and Lure

Last night's still life class, I worked on a trying to mass in a fishing bobber and lure. In this situation, the light was directly overhead, which makes the shadows small and harsher.

As usual, the first process is to lay down the basic color masses for the background, table, bobber and lure. Ran into an issue when I first started: The relative value of the table was too close to the background. However, in the still life, it was significantly different. So, once the relative values were fixed, laid in the bobber color and the lure.

Once the basic color values were established and I had established the light/dark values, I began working on the reflective light from the table onto the bobber. Interesting point was that the table reflected into the base of the bobber, which, then reflected back into the shadow.

Also, it was interesting to note that there were interesting lost and found edges of the lure and the table. So, I played with more of the lost/found edges around the base of the bobber and other parts of the lure.

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