Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Light

So, this last year, I've been having some major issues with the lighting setup in my "studio"... ie. my living room. This has mainly affected my still life setups, more so than my landscape paintings (from sketches/plein air work).

The major issue is that I had a floor lamp to the left of my easel (not shown here). The light would shine directly on my canvas and I would get an enormous amount of glare. Also, I was using a larger, non-directed lamp for lighting my still life setups, and the larger light would shine through my canvas. So, needed to resolve it.

After a while, I found some people talking about the Ott-light easel lamp with daylight bulbs. Decided to try it. I LOVE IT. The lamp clamped onto my easel and is tall enough that it is not in my way. Also, I can shine the lamp down and reposition it so that it illuminates my canvas and not produce a glare.

So, started working on still lifes, at home, again. As you can see, I've started work on one of the paintings for my wife. Flowers are tough for me, since I don't do a lot of them, but, you don't get better by avoiding the subjects that you can't paint.

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