Sunday, November 28, 2010

Booth Shot

Here's some booth shots from my show at the Greater Barre Craft Show. For this show, I had an unusual configuration: 16 x 6, rather than the traditional 10 x 10. But, this isn't too much different from my standard booth layout.

As you can see, I lay out my booth in a very particular order. The paintings are laid out so that the largest paintings are at the top and eye level. In the middle of the booth, I stagger the second largest paintings with my most popular ones in the middle of the booth. One of the panels is used strictly for the small 9 x 12 (in a vertical order). In addition, I ONLY show originals on the walls. No prints are hung. This reduces the confusion on whether any of the paintings is a wrapped canvas print or original painting. In addition to the paintings on the wall, I have a strictly black/silver style going on. Gives more of a professional look and ensures that my paintings "pop" when viewed from several aisles over.

Once I have the paintings up, I put two flip bins next to each other on the opposite side of chair. This gives customers room to look around without my hovering. I have two of my print bins underneath the table cloth next to my chair. This is also used as a table when making change or writing out receipts/credit card payments.

One of the things that you don't see here (as you can see by my 6 foot height) is my additional panels. I also have another 2 foot panel that goes on top of these panels. This raises the lights to be out of the way of the customers and blocks out the background from the customers view. I did not do that for this show because I don't have a sign or enough paintings to fill the spaces (yet). This is something that I need to work on.

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