Thursday, November 18, 2010

On a trip

Well, just flew in from my business trip and "Boy! Are my arms tired!" Okay, couldn't resist that one. So, whenever I do a business trip, I always bring my sketch book with me. There are plenty of times where you have 20 minutes here or there that you are doing absolutely nothing! Make use of that time.

This destination of this trip was Neuroscience 2010 (San Diego, California).

The first drawing is the convention center. This was a really fun drawing to do. The time was 9:00 p.m (at night) and the weather was a fantastic 65 degrees. The second drawing was one of the palm trees in front of the convention center. Then we have a flower in a vase (at my breakfast table) and a friend asleep on the airplane ride (he was in the seat in front of me). Most of the drawings were extremely quick (except for the convention center).

I really should be doing more of these quick drawings at home. Quick drawings help in ensuring that any realistic painting looks correct and helps with future compositions.

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