Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking for some Craft Show in New England Region

So, spent the night doing some searches for shows for 2011. A couple of years ago, I have just been doing smaller shows in the Vermont area, but am confident about my display/products now. So, time to graduate up to the bigger shows. So, I've expanded my area to New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

After doing some searches, I came up with a small list of shows. The main thing that I was looking for was 1) more than 100 vendors and 2) more than 2000 attendees. The shows that I have no experience about are:

1) August 5 - 7 Hildene Meadow Festival (Craft Producers
2) November 26 - 28 Wilmington, Ma (Craftsberry Show)
3) November 5 - 7 Boston Christmas Festival
4) May 29 - 31 Meredith NH (Lake Winnaupasaukee (sp?))

Anybody have any experience with these shows? Also, I don't seem to see a lot of shows from January - June in the New England region. Love some more recommendations.

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