Saturday, March 12, 2011

Figure Study

Well, had some time last night waiting for my wife in the Emergency Room (She hit her jaw on the coffee table because she tripped while playing with one of our dogs. She's okay.) so I whipped out the old iPad and started working on some figure drawings. No, these nude models were not just hanging out where I was (which would have been nice... but they weren't).

Actually, there's a great new website that I found that has some awesome pictures of nude models and a timer. The site ( has nude male, female and animal pictures that can be studied. Not all of the images are great (there's a small percentage in which the photographer used too much light and washed out the model), but there's a significant number of them that had decent shadow/light contrast depth.

Now, this definitely doesn't replace painting/drawing from a live model, but, in terms of figure practice, this will work in a pinch. As always, I try to make sure that I do more life studies and try to translate that to my photographic studies.

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