Monday, July 4, 2011

Surprisingly good day

Well, the day turned out better than I'd hoped. As several years ago, today, I'd participated in a very very tiny art show at the Williston Central School. Today, there were only three artists attending (me and two other). In the past, there's been as many as ten artist participating. However, the show had no entry fee and it lasted several hours. So, the only thing that I would lose would be my time for the afternoon.

First thing, when I showed up this morning... there was no electricity. The entire school was dark. The town blew a transformer and there was no estimate when the electricity would be on. So, that pretty much will kill any potential sales.

Secondly, after about an hour (still setting up), the fire alarm goes off. Due to the fact that there was no electricity, the water pressure for the indoor sprinkler system was getting lower, and, eventually, triggered the fire alarm. We all had to evacuate the building. So, things seem to be getting worse. Now, it's about 45 minutes before the start of the art show, we have no lights, no electricity and we can't even get back into the building. The day was going to be a wash.

Finally, about 20 minutes before the art show was officially supposed to start, we were back into the building, the lights came on and we were raring to go. The crowds were light, but I did sell the painting above and I also sold about 8 prints. So, a profit was made for the day.

The day definitely turned out better than when it started.

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