Saturday, July 30, 2011

Taste of Stowe: Day 2 (Should have listened to my wife)

Today was the second day of the Taste of Stowe. There were more people today, than yesterday, but, only sold a handful of prints. Standard routine: "I love your paintings...", then stare at them for a while and then walk away. As usual, the main people that loved my work were kids and younger adults.

Unfortunately, I lost some sales due to my stupidity. I also made a couple of people tear up and say "I love this painting, but I can't buy it (or the print)". What magic thing caused me to lose several sales? Simple. Naming this painting "Rainbow Bridge". Note: My wife told me several times not to name it that!

Now for those who don't know, the Rainbow bridge is the bridge that dogs cross over when they pass away. A lot of times, people will say that other dogs are waiting on the other side for your dog. It's a place where the dogs run around, play, and have fun with other dogs (Doggie Heaven). Not a good decision to have a constant reminder on the wall that your dog passed away. Not good for sales. My wife told me this, but I wanted to stay true to my artistic design. So, I have two options: 1) keep the painting for me and name it "Rainbow Bridge" or 2) rename it and sell it. I have lots of paintings and drawings that remind me of my dogs. In my mind, this will always be about them. For others, it will be titled "Back to Nature".

Hoping tomorrow will be a better day. I'd like to, at least, make booth fee!

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