Sunday, August 21, 2011

Don't settle if there are issues

Working with another nude drawing, I decided that I needed to do this drawing twice.

The first time that I did this drawing, I wasn't near as careful with the proportions as I should have been. In the end, the head was too small, the torso too long and the legs were awkward. Now, I could have left it the way that it is and I'm sure that some people would have said that it looked nice. However, after I reviewed the drawing (after taking a break to work on my latest paining), I realized that I couldn't just leave it that way. Therefore, I did the second drawing paying a lot more attention to the angles, lengths, etc. That one turned out much better.

For me, although I love the art that I produce at the end, I gain the most enjoyment from the process itself. When drawing, if the drawing is not right, I just have to continue to work to get it right.

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