Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not Quite the Standard Wasp

So, now that I'm trying to draw more and indulge into my "weirder" side, I've decided that I really really like drawing bugs. Don't know why. For some reason, they rank up there with eyes. Next thing you know, I'll probably be drawing large eyes with bug legs.

Well, I also need to make sure that I maintain my drawing skills. I know that a number of people do not consider drawing skills to be important for painters, but, in my opinion, I think that they are wrong. This is even true for abstract painters. Without a solid foundation of drawing skills, you can't accurately represent anything realistically. No matter how much paint you put on the canvas or try to explain away the image has being interpretive, a poor drawing is a poor drawing. It takes away from the final painting. I think that many artist try to come up with the hokey explanation "I wanted it to be that way" to hide their poor drawing skills.

So, practice at drawing is another avenue that I have to make sure that I work at.

In this drawing, I was mixing the forearms of a person with the regular shape of a wasp. I like the sleek lines of a wasp and the coloration.

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