Thursday, August 4, 2011

Next painting idea

While I'm finishing up the painting of my last drawing (should have it done tonight and will post it tomorrow), decided to post the drawing for my next painting.

In this idea, I'll take a smaller plein-air painting that I did last summer and mix it with a sword guard. The landscape that you see is Webster Lake, New Hampshire. It was a grey morning with some great darkish fog just sitting on the water.

I also was rummaging through some old photographs and came across this sword guard. So, I drew three-quarters of it to accentuate the landscape.

For the painting, the sphere near the center will be the center of interest. It'll be a blue ball on fire. The sword guard will be clear blue glass and you will be able to see the square background and the landscape behind it. Also, the blue fire will highlight the edge of the glass guard.

Not sure how it'll turn out, but, as Greg Manchess mentioned at IMC... need to "Embrace your failures!"... which I do a lot!

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