Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Business Card Design

Well, finally decided on my latest design for my new business cards. As pointed out earlier, I needed a way to ensure that people 1) took my business card and 2) kept it for a reasonable time frame (or used the information on the card).

So, using the idea of my monthly drawing for Facebook, I designed my card for two major areas. The front of my card shows one of my landscape paintings with information about what I sell and how to get a hold of me.

The back of the card lets people know about my monthly drawing in the hopes to attract more fans, and, potentially, any new sales of prints or paintings from those fans.

Now, time to send it off to Vista Print. Their prices are pretty reasonable and the cards look nice. When using Vista Print, they have a downloaded Photoshop template that you can fully modify. Once you get your design done, then you upload the template to the Vista Print site for approval and final printing.


  1. This is just elegant design..that i had never thought of..i appreciate you share it.Metal business cards.

  2. Nice post with great info. I got the idea and will use it for plastic business cards while designing them. Thanks for sharing.