Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still Life Study: Lemon - 1

Now that I've worked on apples for the last two weeks and I'm done with my website, time to get back to paintings. After trying a couple of failed attempts, I realized that I still need to study individual pieces of fruit.

So, next on the list are lemons. Back to the value studies of the lemon to get the shape correct and the roundness evident. One of my favorite colors to work with for value paintings is purple. It's easy to get the dark tones and light ones by using various levels of grey.

This painting came out okay. It's definitely a rounded object. However, the front "nub" of the lemon is not quite correct. Need to define the shadows better. In addition, the dark part of the lemon definitely loses part of the edge in the shadows, but, there should be a little more area of highlight and the darkest part is a little flat.

Okay, so, these are the things to work on for the next painting of a lemon.

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