Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jumps and Tunnel

Today was spent with my wife and dogs at "Handling Camp". My dogs, Fizz and Willow, are Bedlington terriers and they love to do agility. It's great training and a lot of fun to watch them do jump over "jumps", run through tunnels, and over an A-Frame/board walk. For their young age (almost 2 years old), they do extremely well.

So, today was "Handling Camp". This is mainly for the people training the dogs. Teaching them methods for effective ways to work with the dogs and efficient ways to cue the dogs to go where the trainer wants them to go.

Since I've got an art business and agility, although fun to do, is not my main interest, I went to just watch and help my wife out. I've got lots of time there waiting.... so, that means that I should pull out the sketch book and get some work done.

So, here's the tunnel and jump that they worked on. Next time, I'll have to get some practice sketching in with the dogs actually doing the jump.

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