Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best to let painting sit for a while

Last night, I was taking a look at my latest painting and realized that there were some mistakes that I did not see when I finished the painting. Some of the mistakes were brought to my attention at the time of the finished work (by my wife) and some were found out by looking at it with fresh eyes.

Mistake 1: From a distance, the tree had a vertical line of dark/light. It was not rounded. In addition, the tree trunk was too bright and stood out.

Mistake 2: The picture of the painting was taken on too bright of a day. The colors of the foreground were washed out and too yellow. In addition, the colors on the mountains were too grey. The current picture matches the color much more closely.

Mistake 3: The road was drawn wrong. At the point where it nears the tree, it flattens out a bit and doesn't recede in the distance.

Now that these mistakes were fixed, the painting looks much better. So, taking a couple of days off and reviewing the painting later definitely helps seeing any problems that seem to be present.

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