Friday, August 13, 2010

Question: Lighting Setup

This was a post that I put on Wetcanvas... what do you think?

I've got the standard question about lighting. I work a full-time job and do all of my painting at night. Rather than paint by myself in my studio, I have setup my easel, still life set up in my living room. This gives me the opportunity to spend time with my wife/dogs while I work. The issue that I have is lighting. Since this is my living room and my wife would like it to look nice most of the time, I'm using a lamp behind me (picture on the left) to light up my canvas and a light behind my easel to light up my still life.

The main issue is that the standing lamp that lights up my canvas produces a glare on the canvas. There's not much room to put that standing lamp anywhere else. Ideally, I would think that some sort of lamp that could attach to my easel would provide a good light for the canvas.

Any ideas? I always stand at my easel and can stand back about 5 feet to check out the painting from a distance. There's area that you see for the easel and cabinet/still life stand are all that I have available.

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