Friday, August 27, 2010

Rive Bank: Fixed

Okay, now that I've let it set for a day, it was time to fix "River Bank". When looking at the painting, I realized that it was brighter than it should have been and the tall tree in the middle looked more like a dinosaur, than a tree. Kind of like a Foliage Godzilla attacking something.

So, needed to fix it. Fixes:

1) Melded the dark shadows together and the highlights together.

2) Added greys to the edges of the bushes to make them more rounded.

3) Restructured the tree to be more uneven and wider. This removed the "dinosaur" look.

4) Varied the height of the tree-line so that it wasn't too linear and aligned with the river bank.

5) Added some richer reds/purples to the shadows on the river bank so that I could bring up the brightness of the trees/bushes without having to add more highlights to the foliage.

6) Varied the river to be more interesting. Added more bright spots and a much lighter green to the area closest to the viewer and darker blues to the part near the river bank. This allowed me to blend the edge of the river bank with the water without having any distinct lines.

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