Thursday, February 3, 2011

Critiquing latest painting

Here's my latest concept painting. It's the same landscape split into two parts: bright/sunny winter and dark/cloudy summer. There's still some work left to do on it.

Whenever I finish with a painting, I can tell if I like it or not, immediately. If the concept works, I keep looking at the painting because I find it interesting. However, the fact that I keep looking at it, also points out areas of the painting that need to be fixed.

A) The distant land is too bright. There is not enough value change to part E. The distances should be a bit more blue-er and a bit more gray, since we have a lot of atmosphere between us and the distance. This is especially true around the right edge.

B) The treeline is too blue/grey. A greenish gray with a bit more definition in the trees would be needed.

C) The angle of the shadow of the tree corresponds with the angle of the land. Need to change this up a bit and put more bushes/grasses around the tree.

D) Too varied in terms of dark/light. In reality, need to paint a consistent dark area with a bit more of a grey-dark as it gets closer to the tree.

E) The front edge should have more brights and less blues. This is closer to the viewer, so the colors tend to be stronger and more pure.

Evaluating your artwork is always a good idea. Even when you think that the painting is done, put it aside for a couple of days and see what stands out.

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