Monday, February 14, 2011

Still Life Study: Vase, apple, grapes

I've been working a lot with figure painting lately, so, I needed to get back to my still life studies. These studies are designed to help me with particular problems with my painting style.

So, last night, worked for about 2 hours on this small study (6 x 10). The main areas that I was focusing on were: 1) Roundness of vase and drawing accuracy of the vase, 2) simulation of the grapes without having to paint each grape individually (massing of grapes), and 3) continue working on the roundness of the apple.

Overall, I really like this piece. I like how the background turned out. The vase definitely has a 3D volume shape to it. The neck could use a little more work, but the edges of the vase blend nicely with the background.

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