Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life Drawing: February 9, 2011

For last night's session at Karen Winslow's Studio, I decided to fore-go my watercolors for a new medium. It's good to keep trying different techniques so that you can incorporate them into your traditional methods.

So, pulled out the pastel paper and worked with Conte pencils. The thing that I like most about those pencils is that you can 1) erase and 2) define the light areas AFTER you get the basic shapes in.

So, for my drawings, I used my traditional technique of drawing boxes/circles to get the general shape proportions down. From there, I was able to erase my size markers (lines that help define where certain body parts are located and their angle). After I got the basic shapes in, I could then use the white Conte pencil to separate the light area versus the dark area.

Still more work to do with this medium, but I can definitely see some promise in it.

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