Monday, February 21, 2011


Floundering. We all know what it means and we all do it. I'm floundering.

Last night, I had every intention of working on a new painting. I toned my canvas and, while it was drying a bit (I added a bit of liquin to the tone so that it would dry quicker), I read one of my books on my iPad. After about an hour, rather than getting up and starting to work, I decided that I needed to work on some drawings. That wasn't going well, so, I started working on some compositions. That didn't work well, so I decided to watch some TV.

Floundering. Without a plan of attack, I just waste time and, eventually, always gets derailed when it gets difficult.

Time to get back to work. For my latest painting, I realized that, I had already done a smaller version of it and there was NOTHING wrong with that version. There's no reason to not do a finished piece of the painting. So, that's what I'm going to do.

As I thought more about "floundering", I've thought about this blog and my Facebook posts. I just post random things and pictures. There's no direction. There's no audience goal, etc. Floundering. What I need to ask myself: Why do I do it? What's the purpose?

I was talking to a friend and we were talking about her new website (that I'm helping her design). She told me what she wanted. I asked a basic question that I ask of myself when I'm working on a User-Interface at work: What is the primary goal of the interaction? What is her goal of the website. From there, we worked out possible designs (Yes, Denise... I'm still working out those ideas).

So, same with this Blog and Facebook. What is the goal? What do I hope to accomplish? Why do it?

More to come.

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