Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Weird Drawing

Yep... some more weird drawings. In this case, I was thinking about some basic abstract shapes for my next painting and came across a picture of a neuron. Coupled that with some eyes and change out the body a bit, and we have this little boy.

The idea was some sort of storm creature that floated around the clouds and absorbed energy from the electricity. Since he has a large mouth, a more efficient way to hunt is to have his eye(s) on tentacles in his mouth. He darts straight for the prey, captures it in the mouth (like a whale) and then it passes under the eye and into the gullet. The stick-like appendages around the mouth are used to collect energy so that he can survive, if there is not enough food to eat. The "hands" contain soft filia to help filter out small particulate bugs in the air. Naturally, the "tail" helps him maneuver around the wind currents.

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