Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Illustration Fixed

So, after showing several people my latest submittal for the Illustration Master Class, they all commented on the same thing: The woman who had her arm reaching out confused them. Honestly, this was an afterthought addition, so I'm not surprised that people didn't like it. After reviewing it for a while, I decided that I didn't really care for it, either. It lacked the impact that I wanted and made some of the depth cues confusing.

So, I decided to change it up. The right side of the drawing was definitely missing something and thought that a person running to the guy destroying the egg would be more interesting. It balances out the drawing much better and doesn't detract from the center image. I also added the cloudy mist that the dragon appears from.

I'm happier with this final composition, so that I can now focus on the color scheme.

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