Monday, June 20, 2011

Paul Bachem Study

So, during the Illustration Master Class, we were told that a great way to improve our work is the age-old method of studying the "masters". I've heard that before, but never really thought about trying it.

The caveat, as the instructors said, is that you need to study the paintings of people that you admire. They don't have to be the old masters. You need to study the painting, see how they did their brush strokes, see how they laid out the composition, etc. That's a great idea and there are a lot of modern day painters that I really like.

One of them is Paul Bachem. I love the way that he does landscapes. So, I started working on studying one of his paintings (I forgot the name of it). I like how he mixed non-traditional colors into every part of the scene. There's a lot of energy to the painting.

More studies to come.

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